Pokémon Pearl (Nintendo DS)

Returning to the world of Sinnoh after a long hiatus reminds me not only of just how much I love this place, but that there is unfinished business here. I still need to battle one more gym leader and finally move on to face the Elite Four. Either I’ve forgotten how to be a great trainer or my Pokémon have gotten lazy in my absence. Either way, we’re having trouble with some of the challengers we’ve faced on our way to Sunyshore City to face its gym leader, Volkner. My Pokémon  seem woefully underpowered, so I guess it’s going to take a lot of battling to whip these guys into shape. I walk up to a potential opponent and soon our Pokémon are facing off against one another.  Here we go again…


One thought on “Pokémon Pearl (Nintendo DS)

  1. I havnt played either of Pearl or Diamond, Do you have platinum? I dont know wether to just skip them and buy this or not.

    Pokemon are the greatest gameboy games ever

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