Miitomo (iOS)

Where to drop the candy? I take my time to study the terrain, trying to determine how best to maximize my chances of snagging the ticket. After much deliberation, I let go and watch as the sugary treat bobs and bounces downward through the maze of pins.

It looks like success will be mine, but at the last minute my fortune shifts. The candy hops to the left, just narrowly missing the ticket. Better luck tomorrow, I guess.


Words With Friends (iOS)

I’m at a total loss. I’m stuck with almost nothing but vowels and I can’t seem to find a spot for them on the board. I decide to ask my wife for help. We’re laying in bed with the lights out. Our daughter is snuggled between us, nursing as she slowly falls asleep for the night. “Do you mind playing this round for me?” I hand her the iPod Touch. “Make me look smart!” I can tell my wife is exhausted, but she humors me nevertheless. Less than a minute later I hear the familiar jingle that signifies when a turn has been taken. I reach over to retrieve my iPod. “Wow, 33 points. Good job! Thanks!” I check my e-mail and read up on some video game news, then set my iPod on the bedside table. Everything is quiet. I whisper to ask my wife if our daughter is sleeping yet. No response. I guess both my girls are busy dreaming.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (iOS)

It is possible we made a mistake. The rainbow was a warning. We do not like rainbows. We should have turned back. But instead we ventured forth into the depths. We emerged with the tome. We need the tome. We struck down its keeper with our sword. We are now returning to where we started. The sky has turned dark and rain has begun to fall. We are being followed. Yes, it is very possible we made a mistake.