Tokyo Beat Down (Nintendo DS)

Agent Lewis Canon is needed in a Shinjuku shopping mall, but strong winds are keeping the police helicopter from being able to land on the mall’s roof. No problem for Canon. He decides to make a jump for it. The helicopter’s pilot is in disbelief, saying Canon can’t be serious. But in the blink of an eye Canon leaps from the helicopter and is hurtling toward the ground. “I’m always serious! Always!” After crashing through the mall’s glass ceiling, Canon takes a moment to get back on his feet. The chief checks in with Canon via radio to make sure he’s okay. Canon’s in one piece, though he does wish he’d yelled something a bit memorable on the way down. There’s no time to worry about that, though, because there is justice to be served by beating the terrorists down!


Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns (Nintendo DS)

Izuna and Mitsumoto are delving deeper and deeper into Madoimi Cave once again. This dungeon is not unfamiliar to them, for they have ventured into it a few times already, but sadly the cave’s monster inhabitants have prevented them from completing their quest. Thus far, there have been few problems to deal with this time around. Izuna came across a Dragon Claw that she quickly equipped, and hacking her way through enemies has been a breeze. Finally the two adventurers descend to the dungeon’s fifteenth level and face off against the twin duo of mischievous gods that have taken up roost there. Izuna puts up a good fight but even her Dragon Claw can’t hold off the onslaught of such formidable foes. Mitsumoto takes her place but his power is much weaker than Izuna’s, and within a couple attacks he’s also knocked out of action. The scene fades and time passes. Izuna and Mitsumoto wake up in a nearby village. After loading up on fresh supplies, they make their way back to entrance of Madoimi Cave and begin their quest anew.