Gotcha Force (Gamecube)

A massive airship darkens the sky above while a fierce, dual sword-wielding menace embroidered with a massive skull on its chest unleashes a direct assault toward my mech. Thankfully, my robotic warrior is equipped to handle just such an attack. Armed with a formidable chainsaw and a machine gun-like laser cannon, my mech dashes just out of reach of its pursuer before doubling back with a damaging counterattack. In the blink of an eye the challenger falls, but another quickly takes its place and brings forth a volley of projectiles. The battle is certainly epic, but a nearby soccer ball towers above the action as a reminder of the scale of the combatants. Nevertheless, the size of the fighters does not equate to the intensity of the combat, and the war rages on.


Pikmin (Gamecube)

A bell rings out signaling the end of the day. However, Captain Olimar is still looking for a few stray Pikmin. Finally, in what seems like the last corner of the forest, Olimar discovers the missing Pikmin struggling to carry a fallen foe back to camp. Unfortunately, if they want to survive they’ll have to abandon their spoils. Olimar blows his whistle and the Pikmin quickly fall in line, just in the nick of time to board their spacecraft and blast off. Olimar’s small fleet of ships zooms into the sky, just ahead of a group of hungry predators who had discovered the camp a little too late.