Help Wanted (Wii)

Judging by the fact that I earn $800 for each visitor I scare, the admission price to this haunted house must be astronomical! But I can’t sit and think about such monetary details — I’ve got a job to do. Even though my pay is amazing, the work is actually quite demanding. I’m in charge of frightening people in four zones of the haunted house, and I’ve got to hastily change my costume to fit the theme of each area. If I try scaring folks with the wrong get-up, the act just doesn’t work. I need to work quickly and intelligently, and I do my best to put on a good show for the paying visitors. At the end of my shift, I’ve scared the pants off a lot of people, earning me a cool $8,800. But there’s no time to sit and count my stack of cash. Instead, I need to head out to my other jobs. There are fish to catch, cows to milk, fabrics to sew, and crops to harvest… and these tasks won’t get finished unless I buckle down and get working.


Pit Crew Panic! (Wii)

From the pit we don’t have any real view of the course, but judging from the strange vehicles that keep rolling in for repairs, this may very well be the weirdest race ever. Luckily, my crew consists of six hardworking women who seem to live for me giving them directions about what parts of the racers they should fix. Without warning a massive toilet pulls into the pit and the ladies stand at the ready as the await my orders. I waste no time in divvying up the duties and my crew quickly and efficiently gets the toilet back in tip-top condition. The toilet speeds off to rejoin the race and we barely have a moment to catch our breath before a huge flowerpot on wheels zooms into the pit. A pit crew’s work is never done, it seems.

Bomberman Land (PSP)

Cute Pink doesn’t seem to recognize me. I thought she was on my side, but instead she’s hindering me from proceeding. It’s as if she’s been brainwashed. She issues a challenge and states I can’t pass unless I’m able to complete it. With giant mallot in hand and jet pack on back, I smash sections out from under a massive Bomberman statue built from stacked blocks, making sure not to topple it by accidentally hitting the wrong segments. I’m not successful at first, but after a few tries I finally best Cute Pink’s top score. Suddenly, her bright personality returns and she remembers who she is. After a brief conversation, she steps aside and I head forth to whatever new challenges await me.