Shenmue II (XBox)

Ryo makes a quick stop at one of his usual hangouts, Pine Game Arcade. Just as he is about to start a game of Outrun, he notices somebody familiar sitting at one of the tabletop cabinets. “Joy?” She looks up from her game. “Ryo!” Her face lights up. Ryo does his best to make small talk, but he’s not necessarily the world’s greatest conversationalist. He awkwardly asks Joy if she has a job. She seems slightly taken aback at Ryo’s directness but acts amused all the same. “Well, you know…” She then turns the tables and asks Ryo about his employment status. Seeing as he’s at an arcade in the middle of the day, he’s doesn’t really have much of a retort. Joy then digs deeper and inquires as to what type of girls Ryo likes. He fumbles over his words, excuses himself, and quickly heads over to play a game darts, leaving the question unanswered.