Chulip (Playstation 2)

On my way to Turtle Bath I stop and chat with a smiling officer at the police box. He admits he’s bored out of his mind because there’s nothing to do, but at least the streets are safe. I bid him adieu and continue my walk to the bathhouse. A living statue of a lion is manning the counter. Outsiders might think that sounds bonkers, but here in Long Life Town, he’s actually one of our more normal residents. I hand over 200 yen and start to open the door to the bath area. The lion yells at me for forgetting to take my clothes off. Whoops! I duck behind a changing screen, strip down, then make a quick dash for the bath area. After rinsing off, I submerge my body in the warmth of the tub. Aaaah, this is the life. Feeling refreshed, I dry off, change back into my clothes, and make my way for the exit. The lion remarks that my bathing technique is all wrong and chalks it up to the foolishness of kids nowadays. Oh well. The sun has set, the streets are dark, and it’s after curfew, so I decide it’s time to go home. I spot the policeman I had spoken with earlier, but something about him seems different… When I walk over to say hello his eyes suddenly flash like spotlights and he begins firing his gun at me! Oh no! I guess he’s not bored any longer!