Mario Sports Mix (Wii)

Luigi passes the ball off to Donkey Kong then makes a break for the hoop. Donkey Kong has been hot the entire game, so the opposing team decides to double up on the big ape. As soon as the ball is in DK’s hands, the Ninja and the Black Mage descend upon him, while the White Mage scurries to catch up with Luigi. This leaves Princess Peach wide open. What’s more, she’s in three-point territory. Donkey Kong makes an unexpected rush in the opposite direction to pick up a few coins before hurtling the ball to Peach. The Ninja and the Black Mage abandon Donkey Kong and sprint toward our fair princess. She only has moments to spare. Peach quickly sets up for the shot, takes aim, and releases. The shot’s angle seems a bit off, but out of nowhere Luigi appears in front of the basket. He grabs the ball mid-air and slams it through the rim. Alley-oop!  And with the coins DK picked up, the score for the bucket goes up by three. Luigi showboats just a little then glances up at the brilliant starry sky before heading into position to prepare for the other team’s advance.