Tetris DS (Nintendo DS)

My wife and son are in bed next to me, fast asleep. The sound patterns of their snoring intertwine and create an odd but calming unison of white noise.  Lying on my back with my head propped up on a couple pillows, I’m holding my Nintendo DS overhead. I’ve got the system tilted away from the sleepers so as not to disturb them with the light of the screens. Too lazy to put in headphones, I have the volume all but turned off, with only a faint sound effect or hint of music escaping the DS’s speakers from time to time. As I arrange the falling blocks to clear lines, I smile at Mario adorably running across the top screen. My eyes are getting heavy and harder to keep open, but I want to play for just a few minutes more. I know that once I turn off the DS and close my eyes, I’ll be fast asleep, speeding towards the sound of my alarm clock barking at me to get out of bed and get ready for work.


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