Lumines Supernova (Playstation 3)

It’s nearing 10:00 and my son is sleeping on my chest, breathing deeply. My wife sits near me, knitting and chatting with me about nothing in particular. My eyes are focused on the television, watching Lumines Supernova on the screen. Even though I’m playing the game, my mind isn’t paying attention. Instead, I’m content to enjoy a quiet, relaxing Saturday evening with my family. I notice the blocks rise and fall, the music periodically changes, and the visuals shift from one scene to the next, but the game seems more like something far off in the distance. Happily, so do the worries and responsibilites that usually consume my thoughts.


Mass Effect (XBox 360)

As my party and I approach the Presidium on our way to the Wards, we encounter an argument between a Turian officer and a Hanar evangelist. The poor officer seems at wit’s end trying to dissuade the Hanar from continuing to preach without a license. Even though I’ve got more important business to take care of, I decide to step in and see if there’s anything I can do to help. The Hanar claims to have no money but feels it’s wrong to have to pay to spread its message. The Turian, on the other hand, is just trying to do his job and obviously would rather not be dealing with such a trivial issue. After hearing both parties out I decide to pay for the Hanar’s permit and everyone is happy. I linger for just a moment to take in the strangeness of the jellyfish-like Hanar’s appearance before continuing on my way.

Pikmin (Gamecube)

A bell rings out signaling the end of the day. However, Captain Olimar is still looking for a few stray Pikmin. Finally, in what seems like the last corner of the forest, Olimar discovers the missing Pikmin struggling to carry a fallen foe back to camp. Unfortunately, if they want to survive they’ll have to abandon their spoils. Olimar blows his whistle and the Pikmin quickly fall in line, just in the nick of time to board their spacecraft and blast off. Olimar’s small fleet of ships zooms into the sky, just ahead of a group of hungry predators who had discovered the camp a little too late.