Ridge Racer 3D (Nintendo 3DS)

As we round the corner, I’m caught off guard by a helicopter hovering closely above the track. I lose my concentration and overcompensate for the turn, bumping into the car next to me. The driver takes advantage of the situation and uses the momentum from the collision to jettison ahead into first place. Damn it, we’re too close to the finish line for mistakes like this. I find my way into my rival’s slipstream and cut the distance between us inch-by-inch. Finally it’s time to make my move. I fire off the last of my nitrous and make a break for the finish line. We’re seconds away. This is going to be close!

Steel Diver (Nintendo 3DS)

Conditions are terrible: It’s pouring rain, the water is choppy, visibility is poor, and dangers lurk everywhere. A flash of lightning reveals the silhouettes of incoming bombers. If we sit here we’re toast, so it’s time to get a move on. We power forward at full steam but this turns out to be a mistake. A battleship sits right above us, dropping depth charges with reckless abandon. Our path blocked, I order a speedy reverse. It’s out of the frying pan into the fire. The planes we spotted earlier are now in range, dropping their payloads into the ocean. We have no place to hide and our sub takes heavy damage. “Mayday! Mayday!” I direct the crew to make one last attempt to forge ahead and hunt for cover, but anything we do at this point is futile. We’re done for.

Pilotwings Resort (Nintendo 3DS)

From up here, the sea and the horizon seem to meet so far off in the distance that it seems unfathomable. I take a glance below me and peer into the depths of a massive volcano, noticing lava bubbling deep within. I’d better steer clear of there! The sun has almost set and the sky has taken on a deep orange hue. I dip my glider downward and soon I’m speeding toward a small town square near the coast. After zooming between buildings I catch an updraft and within seconds I’m high above the island yet again, anxious to see where the wind takes me next.